Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retreat centre, according to

"A place where it is possible to take time away from everyday activities for the purpose of engaging with one's inner self."(Ref: Rev Fr John Armstrong, Canberra 7 Golburn Archdiocese, Australia). reserves the right to the interpretation of this statement under the Catholic ethos.

How to register my new retreat centre?

You can express your willingness to list your retreat centre by filling up the form available at the home page (top bar). will scrunize your request and will get in touch with you take further step in publishing your centre at our website. 

What is a verified retreat centre? 

A verified retreat centre is a centre which has been verified by through direct visit/phone call/email and other digital confirmations. Verified retreat centres will have the maximum credibility within 

  • Why should I register/login to make a booking or suggest a new retreat centre?

We need credibility to the information we gather and should be able to verify it, if needed. That’s why we ask people to register (if first time) or login to make a booking or suggest a new retreat centre.

  • What was the kind of crowdfunding model adopted?
  • adopted a donation-based crowdfunding model, where the greatest joy is in the giving. However, we offered a symbolic reward in the form of a digital copy of the book – “Win in the Jesus Way” – for certain kinds of patrons and we will be acknowledging them in the project website.
What is the meaning of logo?

The emblem is a celtic knot of three intertwined hearts. Without a beginning and an end, a celtic knot represents infinity. The emblem signifies the infinite love of God, which entraps or enshrouds us, that is unveiled through our encounter with God in a spiritual experience, as in a retreat.